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*NEW* Speed/Agility & Fitness Clinic (click here to register)

Players will train through various stations that will help them develop better balance, foot coordination, explosion, change of direction and their overall fitness to perform for longer periods of time. Monday and/or Wednesday 5pm-6pm (2014-2007)

*NEW* Defending Clinic (click here to register)

Players will train each week to develop better technique of their body balance and their body positioning when defending a player. Each player will gradually gain a better understanding of how to disrupt an attacking player to win the ball with more accuracy. Wednesday 5pm-6pm (2014-2007)

Brazilian Skills Clinic (click here to register)

Players will develop the understanding of different skill patterns with over 1000's of touches on the ball per session, that will help them master the connection between brain and feet. Each week is a new challenge for players as they gradually develop comfort and confidence to use these skills in 1v1 game situations. Monday and/or Wednesday 6pm-7pm (2014-2007)

Shooting Clinic (click here to register)

Players will learn to develop better technique to shoot the ball with finesse, accuracy and power. Each session will involve a different approach of shooting the ball to better prepare players for the situations that may arise during game day. Monday and/or Wednesday 7pm-8pm (2014-2007)

Mini Ballers Clinic (click here to register)

This class is designed as an introduction to the upcoming generation of players. Players will begin to develop an understanding on how to dribble, shoot, and pass while being guided to use the proper areas of the foot. Players are encouraged to have fun and to fall in love with the game within a structured activity. Monday and/or Wednesday 4pm-4.50pm (2016-2014)

Futsal Fridays (click here to register)

Players will work in a fast paced training atmosphere that will involve a very high percentage of touches on the ball. The spacing for this training is much smaller than a soccer field and requires proper futsal shoes. Each class will focus highly on fast technical ability and teaching players the importance of using the sole of their foot to get out of pressure and create space. Players will also develop a quicker ability to analyze with their eyes and make better decisions under more pressure. Fridays 6pm-7pm (2014-2010 groups) 7pm-8pm (2009- 2005 groups)

Goalie Clinic (click here to register)

Goalies will develop proper technique with their hands to ensure the best ability to catch a ball in various situations. Each week they will be encouraged to develop quicker reflexes to react quicker to save a shot. Mondays 7pm-8pm (2014-2007)

Day Camp (click here to register)

Campers will be presented to an exciting and fun soccer atmosphere. Although soccer will be our main guidance, we will also have other activities, such as playground time, water games, kick ball, soccer golf, lunch and snack time, etc. Throughout the day, all players will engage into activities designed to enhance their soccer and social skills; Freedom of play will be a big focus on our curriculum. This camp is for players of all levels who are looking to get involved in a soccer environment while having fun and staying active throughout the summer. Within our camp, we strive to teach players to love the game of soccer,  improve social skills and stay active for the lifelong benefits. By creating an exciting and positive atmosphere, we can engage players into soccer and begin to create a culture within our communities.